Use a Travel Planner specializing in Disney Destinations

My number one tip for making planning easier is to use a Travel Planner specializing in Disney Destinations. They can take a lot of the guesswork and stress out of the planning. My secret weapon in Disney planning is Elizabeth McGurgan with Ears of Experience.

You may not realize it, but planning a Disney trip can be a lot of work. Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World is one of the most visited places in the world. There is a lot of competition for space on the attractions and seats in the restaurants. You must have a plan. Let me clarify: if you are very familiar with Walt Disney World, you can go without a plan. However, you have to plan to not plan.

You can find a list of her services by clicking here, and you can contact her for a no-obligation quote by click here.

I have several reasons I use Elizabeth’s services when planning my Disney trips.

  • The first, and possibly most important, is that her services are free, with a qualifying package!  Yes, free!
  • You actually may end up saving money over booking a trip yourself through the Disney website because she has up-to-date information about the latest deals and specials that you may not be aware of.
  • Elizabeth also will continue to check your reservation to see if it qualifies for any new discounts that may be released. One of my favorite emails from her was the one that said we qualified for a new special and had saved over $500!
  • She gets to know you. When you request a no-obligation quote, you provide your information and preferences and a budget. She will take that information and provide you will a tailor-made quote to fit your requests and budget. Once you choose the trip that works for you, make your deposit and start the fun of planning.
  • She will do as much or as little of the work for you. For the first trip she booked for us, she was up EARLY to make our reservations. I now feel comfortable enough to be able to attempt to make my own, but I know if I were working early in the morning and could not get in front of a computer, she would do it for me.

Elizabeth has done it all for us-she has added guests on, taken guests off, rescheduled our trips, scheduled magical “extras” for us, and even booked a trip for us with only two days’ notice.

Elizabeth is a wealth of Disney knowledge. Google is great, and Facebook groups have a lot of info, but I find it is easier to just shoot her an email with my question. I know I will get a clear, concise answer that is correct. I won’t get the opinion of seventy-five strangers; I will get the opinion of someone I know I can trust to know the right answer (and if she doesn’t, she will find it). You can rest assured knowing that she will be able to answer your Disney questions.

Use a Travel Planner specializing in Disney Destinations. A good one, like Elizabeth, will help you to do as little or as much planning as you want to.

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