A different kind of Disney trip

Sometimes you just need a different kind of Disney trip. This year has been taxing on us, with work being busier than ever, trying to do some home renovations in our spare time, and keeping up with our kids’ activities. We decided that we could use some Disney in our lives, so I contacted my favorite travel planner, and she priced and booked our trip us! I could really tell my wife is ready for a trip when she agreed to drive down instead of flying. We are all just ready for some sunshine and pixie dust!

This is a different kind of Disney trip. Yes, we will be at Walt Disney World. Yes, we will get Magic Bands and be staying on property. So what is different about this trip?

There is no mail better than Disney mail! It is Magic Band day! Yes, it is that exciting day that occurs when we receive our Magic Bands from Disney. For some reason, it seems like it is harder than it should be when choosing the color of Magic Band that we want.

We are staying at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort for the first time, and we are very excited to try it out. I have seen reports, however, of how spread out the resort is and that the buses can be challenging. But we are not worried about the challenges that Disney transportation can present.

Why is that? We are not going to the parks during this trip. Yes, you read correctly. We are not going to the parks during this trip! We are going to focus on relaxing at the pool, hitting up Disney Springs once or twice, and driving to a Gulf Coast beach for a day trip since none of us has seen the Gulf of Mexico. We are hoping to meet up with my sister-in-law and her boyfriend since they live on that side of the state.

So, my question to you is this: have you ever taken a trip to Walt Disney World and not entered the parks? Let me know in the comments!

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